Life can be difficult.  You start to wake up feeling unresting with yesterday’s worries following you.  You’re dreading the day and negative thoughts are flowing freely.  There’s a general tenseness throughout your body and you’re experiencing unwanted emotions, if you’re aware of what you are feelings at all.  You go to bed, try to sleep and it all over again.

Life can feel so much lighter.  The weight can be listed off your shoulders.  What if you didn’t have to carry your worry around  with you each day?  It’s hard being inside your head all day.  What if you could get back in touch with your body and senses?  I’ll help you harness your senses to identify underlying feelings and learn how to effectively communicate with yourself.

Work with me to increase your happiness and overall quality of life!

Using a person centered, holistic approach, I help people work towards their personal and lifestyle goals.

I help people identify their emotions and work towards alleviating anxiety and balanced living.  I also help people incorporate essential oils into their daily lifestyle to meet their wellness goals, including ‘Green’ thinking and living.

The next step is to book a Consultation with me to see how I can help you when we work together.

Here are some things that people reach out to me for:

  • How to use essential oils
  • Therapeutic benefits of essential oil
  • Creating an all-natural lifestyle
  • Converting your home into a toxic-free zone
  • Managing anxiety, sleep, stress and more


30 minute free consultations are offered via phone, video call or in the community. We will talk about your health & wellness goals to then discuss how I can help you achieve these goals through different modalities.

I will provide a brief overview of essential oils and who I am.  Whether you prefer a basic overview, suggestions, or an outlined regimen, I can help get you started!

1:1 Consultations are FREE.  Often it is under the assumption you want continue learning how to use essential oils in your daily life with my ongoing support and get them into your home or you are looking for mental health counseling.


  • Individual and group classes with customized areas of focus, lasting about 1 hour.  Check out Calendar of Events for scheduled classes.
  • Host a Class – Host a group of friends or colleagues in the comfort of your own space.  This is a great option to learn the basics of essential oils or address a specific area.  Host a class of 5 or more and receive a FREE diffuser & oil! Learn more about Make & Take classes here.
  • Virtual classes are an opportunity to learn about essential oils from the comfort of your own home. Each class includes an introduction to essential oils and how to use them safely. You will learn about doTERRA therapeutic grade essential oils, create your own blend specific to the class, and get an opportunity to ask your questions.



Essential Oil blends are created for health and emotional benefits, natural cleaning products and more! Custom blends can be created to suit your individual needs.

doTERRA’s Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade essential oils & diffusers are also available for purchase.  

GreenAir diffusers are available for purchase, including a 1 year warranty.


Meet in a private setting (virtual or in-person) to address personal mental health & wellness goals. $150/hour.

This time can be used to expand on topics discussed in our Wellness Consult or begin working towards your specific mental health or wellness goals.


Jenn is a wealth of knowledge and so inviting! When I first started chatting with Jenn about essential oils and their incredible power to heal and support I could feel the surge of energy that was created within her. It’s so wonderful to work with someone who truly loves and believes in what they do, Jenn is a beautiful example of this!

One of the best parts of working with Jenn is that she truly cares and what she always says, “there is an oil for that!” is so true. The big problems we carry around actually have simple solutions – Jenn will show you how to solve them naturally.

Jenn is authentic, her energy is infectious and working with her is wildly empowering. I cannot recommend her enough, so book a consultation with her and see for yourself! 

Wellness consultation

Working with me provides you with:

  • Thorough education on the basics, as well as identifying the overarching areas in your life where Essential Oils can be beneficial.
  • A complete assessment to understand how to work from the ground up and look for root causes, allowing you to address your personal areas of concern without spending time on the symptoms.
  • Support in understanding and healing root causes, going deeper than just a “band aid solution”.
  • Professional 1:1 support and guidance from me that you won’t get from reading a book or from questionably sourced websites. You receive the most up-to-date professional wisdom on how to use EO’s safely and effectively for yourself and your family.
  • A true partner committed to bringing you the solution you need to feel better, while removing the feelings of overwhelm.
  • Connection to other amazing trainings & experts.

Classes & Events

Classes are a great way to be in a relaxed, comfortable setting to try, experience and learn about essential oils.  Classes are great for EVERYONE!  Whether you’re brand new to essential oils or consider yourself an expert.

Typically lasting an hour, we cover what essential oils are, why quality matters, how you can use them and lastly, how you can get them.  You will experience essential oils first hand, using them aromatically and topically.  Questions, tips, support are provided. 



Blends are specifically geared towards health, wellness and emotional benefits  Each product is made with the purest ingredients and love to meet your specific needs.  Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade essential oils from doTERRA are in every product.

*doTERRA products also available for retail and wholesale membership accounts.

“Jenn has the best products around! Her soft scrub cleans bathrooms SPECTACULARLY (and doesn’t have that harsh smell because it’s GREEN). Rollerballs are on point. I think I might have close to every scent. I love perfume but as a future clinician, I need something that is softer on the nose for future patients. Also, check out her hand soap it’s fantastic.“ -Nancy

"Jen makes amazing products. I never sleep as well as I do with the sleepy room spray. Stinky room spray is way better than synthetic room sprays and awful Febreeze. And I have a bottle of her hand sanitizer spray with me at all times. I have even more products and I have to say…I love them all! And Jen is super knowledgeable about the benefits of the oils in her products as well.” -Michelle

“Thank you so much for showing me to Doterra. I have been very sick for the last two days and they have helped me in all three ways; aromatically, topically, and internally. I would say I’m on the mend with no medication except for Tylenol”. –Victoria

“I love Jenn’s Clean Hands spray! So handy in my purse, and it smells fantastic! Jenn is a truly kind, generous, and knowledgeable consultant with a creative flair for oils; that makes them SO fun!” -Deborah

"Jennifer is extremely passionate and knowledgeable about essential oils - if you are looking for support to make your life greener, you've found it in Green Thinking! Her handmade and hand-poured products are amazing, and she truly practices what she preaches. I would recommend Jenn and her business to anyone!" -Rebecca

"Jenn truly loves what she does, and it shows. I love her commitment to doTerra essential oils, as those are what I use in my own home. I have purchased the different products that she makes, which are all VERY high-quality and are just amazing. The body butters are my personal favorite! I have given some as gifts and people rave about them when they receive them!" -Amanda

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