Revamp Your Home with an Essential Oil Makeover!

Revamp your medicine cabinet, cleaning supplies, specific room, atmosphere enhancing products or all of the above! 

Detox an aspect of your life to rid the unwanted, toxic pieces or aspects to replace with all natural solutions.

Medicine Cabinet Makeover Made Easy!

So you are wanting to rid your home of store-bought cleaners and over-the-counter medications to provide your family with all natural solutions? 

  • You want to DIY products, but are feeling overwhelmed with where to start.  
  • Your busy life does not allow you to slow down and do this research.
  • You’re afraid if you buy essential oils, you won’t know what to do with them or how to use them, they’ll sit there and expire

Fear not, You are in luck!!  I am here to do all of this WITH you! 

With multiple years of experience with essential oils and having done all of this myself, I’m ready to share easy solutions to help you put all natural products in your home and easily keep them there!  I will tie in my expertise as a mental health professional to address any fears or anxieties that surface during this time. ]

How It Works:

Together, we’ll begin integrating essential oils into your home.  Your Natural Solutions Kit will allow us to begin to organize and identify products that you can simply replace with natural, essential oil products.  

  • I will provide you with the recipes you need as well as how to get started and no longer need to go down the home care aisle at the grocery store or Rite-Aid/CVS!  
  • We will sit down with all of your supplies and make these together, giving you the knowledge and confidence to do this all on your own in the future.

When you join my essential oil team, you will have ongoing support and connections to all your ‘naturalizing’ needs!

When you get started with your Natural Solutions Kit, we’ll set up your Loyalty Rewards order for next month so that the following month you will receive 100 loyalty points (to use for $100 worth of product in the future) and start loyalty point accrual at 15%!

See if this program is right for you by scheduling your call TODAY!

What You Can Expect:

When you schedule our initial consult call, you will answer a few questions that we will discuss further on our call to help me get a good idea of your goals and how I can best help you before our meeting.

Then we will have a Consultation Call via Zoom (30 min) to review these questions to see if the program feels aligned.  If so, you will receive an email to schedule our meeting at least 2 weeks after payment is received to allow enough time for your products to arrive.

How our Initial Meeting works:

In our initial meeting, I will come into your space to discuss your goals and the changes you can make that were discussed in our consult call.  I will help you identify and replace potentially toxic (and expensive) store-bought products with doTERRA essential oils and all-natural products.  I will recommend products, recipes and keep detailed notes on these to share with you after our meeting.

  • I’ll identify effective placement for diffusers and usage of natural products to enhance your home life and health and why.  After our meeting, I will provide all of my suggestions in writing (if done virtually, I will also provide you with the recording).  I will provide any additional information and resources discussed. Again, I will record all details to share in a summary after our meeting
  • If desired, we will go through these rooms and rid them of products that you do not use or are wanting to replace.  
  • You will receive easy organization tips and recipes to begin this change, as well as savings on oils and other products.
  • We will also make sure to set up Loyalty Rewards (LRP) for next month to make sure you get your $100 towards future products.

After our time together, we will schedule a 30 minute follow up call 2 weeks later to check in and see your progress as well as answer any questions that may have come up over the month

As an added bonus to help you get started after our initial meeting, I will include in each initial session, a Green Thinking product to provide you with a DIY product to start using immediately & help show the possibilities!

This program is valued at over $1500:

This program includes:

  • Natural Solution kit ($585-retails for $250 more)
  • One year membership to doTERRA ($35)
  • 100 points = $100
  • Green Thinking product (~$15)
  • 3 hours of 1:1 time ($450)
  • Member of Team Green Thinking for ongoing support, connection to experts in fields and so much more!!
Natural Solutions Kit

This program also includes Follow Up to further go over Loyalty Rewards (LRP) and complete a Lifestyle Overview (Valued at another 3 hours – $450)

Your Investment of $650 gets you ALL of this!

This is currently being offered as a Beta program and this price will be offered for a limited time to the first 5 people who sign up.

If you are already enrolled with doTERRA:

  • You can still take advantage of this amazing program!  
  • We will start the same way; I will provide you with a list of items in the Natural Solutions kit to make sure you have for our meeting and can work through your goals.
  • Your investment of $450 includes 3 hours containing everything listed above and follow up summary.

Additional Investment: 

You will have the option to get together to create the recipes, to further organize and/or change your home into an all-natural, safe home for you and your family.  

We will meet for 2 hours to focus on additional rooms or use this time to sit down and create products for your home in person or via Zoom.

Your investment of an ongoing LRP of 125PV – this includes the Products of the Month oil and points towards free products!

Schedule your free Consult Call today!

PayPal and checks accepted. Payment options available upon request.

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