Consultations are great if you are wondering how I can help you.  I believe the relationship if a very important piece.  I want you to feel comfortable talking with me and seeking my support.

A consultation is for you if you are interested in learning about essential oils and how you can use them.

I offer a FREE consultation to find out what service would be best for you.

We will then discuss your essential oil goals. You will bring your health, wellness & lifestyle goals so that I can help determine how to help you meet those goals.  Whether it be better understanding what essential oils are and how to use them or knowing what oils can give you the desired therapeutic benefit.

I will provide a brief overview of essential oils and who doTERRA is.  Whether you prefer a basic overview, suggestions, or an outlined regimen, I can help get you started!

1:1 Consultations are FREE.  Often it is under the assumption you want continue learning how to use essential oils in your daily life with my ongoing support and get them into your home.

Working with me provides you with:

  • Thorough education on the basics, as well as identifying the overarching areas in your life where Essential Oils can be beneficial.
  • A complete assessment to understand how to work from the ground up and look for root causes, allowing you to address your personal areas of concern without spending time on the symptoms.
  • Support in understanding and healing root causes, going deeper than just a “band aid solution”.
  • Professional 1:1 support and guidance from me that you won’t get from reading a book or from questionably sourced websites. You receive the most up-to-date professional wisdom on how to use EO’s safely and effectively for yourself and your family.
  • A true partner committed to bringing you the solution you need to feel better, while removing the feelings of overwhelm.
  • Connection to other amazing trainings & experts.

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