essential oils

What are they? Essential Oils come from plants themselves! 

Oils can be extracted from plants in different ways including steam and cold-pressed distillation. Essential oils can be used aromatically, topically or some, internally.  They can help in a variety of ways for physical or emotional wellness.

The essential oils used in Green Thinking products are Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade essential oils from doTERRA.

Purity & potency are extremely important when it comes to using essential oils.  We only want to put the best into your bodies.  doTERRA’s vision adheres to this and is one of the reasons they are the largest essential oils distributor in the world.

Learn more about using Essential Oils Aromatically, Topically & Internally.

    There’s so much to learn! 

    Classes are a great way to be in a relaxed, comfortable setting to try, experience and learn about essential oils.  They can be held virtually, in the community or in the comfort of your own home. 

    Classes are great for EVERYONE!  Whether you’re brand new to essential oils or consider yourself an expert.

    Typically lasting an hour, we will cover what essential oils are, why quality matters, how you can use them and lastly, how you can get them.  You will experience essential oils first hand, using them aromatically and topically.  There will be time for questions, tips, support and if desired, scheduling individual consultations to continue discussing how you can use essential oils in your life.

    Host a group of friends or colleagues in the comfort of your own space.  This is a great option to learn the basics of essential oils or address a specific area.  Host a class of 5 or more and receive a FREE diffuser & oil!

    Learn more about Make & Take Classes!

    When you become a member of doTERRA through me to receive your essential oils, I am available for FREE ongoing support.

    I will help you continue to work towards your goals, create DIY products and use ‘Green Thinking’ throughout your daily life.

    What you get when you join team green thinking: 

    • Set of essential oils to get you started towards your wellness goals
    • Wellness Consult to learn how to meet your specific goals with natural solutions
    • Access to my expertise and ongoing support
    • Oil Camp to learn all about your new oils!
    • Connect to other experts to learn and grow your knowledge
    • Green Thinking product recipes
    • Business opportunities
    • Free trainings, classes & MORE!!

      Ready to start your journey?

      I want to make it easy for you to get started with essential oils & SAVE!

      I recommend getting started with a kit…

      Kits include the $35 membership fee and give you even MORE savings!!!  You will also pay wholesale on all future orders!

      New kits are now available!  I recommended starting with the Healthy Home Kit because it is 3x the amount of oils, plus more On Guard products, PLUS a diffuser for not even 2x the cost of the Healthy Start Kit.

      Healthy Home doTERRA

      Other great kits to start with include:

      Natural Solutions Kit

      Healthy Habits Kit

      Healthy Start Kit 

      Simple Solutions Kit 

      In the Healthy Home Kit, you’ll receive the following essential oil products:

      -15ml Lemon

      -15ml Lavender

      -15ml Peppermint

      -15ml Melaleuca (Tea Tree)

      -15ml Oregano

      -15ml Frankincense

      -15ml DigestZen (Digestive Blend

      -15ml Breathe (Respiratory Blend)

      -15ml On Guard (Immunity Blend)

      -5ml Deep Blue (Muscle & Joint Blend)

      On Guard® Products:

      -Sanitizing Mist

      -Cleaner Concentrate

      -Foaming Hand Wash

      -Foaming Hand Wash Dispenser

      -Natural Whitening Toothpaste

      Other Products:

      -Brevi Stone Diffuser

      -Protecting Shampoo

      -Smoothing Conditioner

      -Wholesale membership ($35 value included!  No strings attached – you do not have to sell oils or order every month)

      Everything mentioned above has a value of $440 if you buy individually. 

      When you buy it bundled together in the kit, it’s only $350 – saving you $90!!

      If you’ve been wanting to get started with essential oils but have been hesitant with all the options, this is the kit you want!

      iTOVI Scanner

      What is iTOVI?

      iTOVI is an FDA registered medical device that sends the electrical signatures of the essential oils and supplements to your body and generates unique reports to help you understand which products may help you best on your wellness journey.

      The iTOVi Scanner is a device that combines galvanic skin response (GSR), pressure sensor, temperature, and Bluetooth technologies to measure small changes in the electrical conductivity of the skin.

      What are the benefits of receiving an iTOVI scan?

      iTOVI reports provide you with a comprehensive overview of which essential oils may help the needs of your emotional, and body systems. You will receive an email of your report plus the option to create your own account for lifetime access to all of your scan reports!

      It is recommended to be scanned weekly as our body’s needs change, especially when giving it the natural, essential oil products it craves!

      How do I set up a scan?

      Contact me to set up a time to meet in person, so that you can complete the short intake (1st time only) and hold onto the sanitized ITOVI device for a couple of minutes before receiving your scan.

      We will review it for a personalized interpretation. The scan will also be instantly sent to your email for you to review in the future.


      Diffusers are a great way to use essential oils Aromatically.

      Green Air diffusers use cool air technology that maintains the therapeutic properties of the oils.  They use surgical grade plastic and have a 1-year warranty which are some reasons why they are the largest manufacturer of diffusers in the world!  They come in all shapes & sizes.

      Ultrasonic Water Diffusers are always in stock. 

      Diffusers range from $35-60.  Essential Oil Introductory Starter Kit is a great way to start diffusing.  When you purchase both together, take $10 off!

      Contact me to find the right diffuser for you and your home to start diffusing today!

      "Jen makes amazing products. I never sleep as well as I do with the sleepy room spray. Stinky room spray is way better than synthetic room sprays and awful Febreeze. And I have a bottle of her hand sanitizer spray with me at all times. I have even more products and I have to say…I love them all! And Jen is super knowledgeable about the benefits of the oils in her products as well.” -Michelle

      “Thank you so much for showing me to Doterra. I have been very sick for the last two days and they have helped me in all three ways; aromatically, topically, and internally. I would say I’m on the mend with no medication except for Tylenol”. –Victoria

      “I love Jenn’s Clean Hands spray! So handy in my purse, and it smells fantastic! Jenn is a truly kind, generous, and knowledgeable consultant with a creative flair for oils; that makes them SO fun!” -Deborah

      "Jennifer is extremely passionate and knowledgeable about essential oils - if you are looking for support to make your life greener, you've found it in Green Thinking! Her handmade and hand-poured products are amazing, and she truly practices what she preaches. I would recommend Jenn and her business to anyone!" -Rebecca

      "Jenn truly loves what she does, and it shows. I love her commitment to doTerra essential oils, as those are what I use in my own home. I have purchased the different products that she makes, which are all VERY high-quality and are just amazing. The body butters are my personal favorite! I have given some as gifts and people rave about them when they receive them!" -Amanda

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