Every time I come into my living room, I am greeted by my rabbit, Bun.  He rushes out to run around my feet, looking like the happiest little animal! 

While working from home, I am continually impressed with his ability to meet his needs.  He eats when he needs to, runs around for exercise,and takes naps, lounging wherever. When he wants attention, he’ll nudge me for some extra love.  I am amazed at his instincts to take care of himself and do what he needs to be a happy little Bun!

And then there’s Wynnie…my dog who is needy, AKA Ms. Whiney-Pants due to constant needing for almost anything & everything, but is just SO cute!

Not only does Wynnie have a lot of needs, she has a lot of wants, mostly for love and gifts.  She seeks love from me through cuddling and utilizing her puppy-eye look.

💖Where do you get your self-love from? 

💖How do you know where to find it?

Comment & let me know!

This month has us thinking a lot about love  <3

During the winter, it can be a challenge to show ourselves love when worrying about everyone and everything else around us.  It’s easy to forget to show ourselves love and in turn, we get run down.

I’ve been hearing a lot lately about congestion, colds, viruses, ear infections, burns, aches & more!!

Did you know that you can use essential oils to help with all of these ailments by simply using these essential oils topically, aromatically or internally?

You can help & show love to yourself through using essential oils to feel better fast.

For congestion: 🤧
I like to diffuse Breathe, dilute and use on my chest. The Breathe Vapor Stick is an easy way to relieve congestion fast!
Breathe is great for dogs, and Eucalyptus is great for cats…diffuse a small amount in a well ventilated area.

For colds: 😷
I like to use the On Guard line. Every product in this line helps fight germs and boost your immune system! 
Safe to diffuse for animals.

Why not use these daily during cold and flu season??

Same thing with viruses: 😳
I like to use On Guard, as well as diluted Oregano, on my feet.
Oregano Touch is an easy, quick way to do this.
I also like to use Basil and Copaiba to boost my immune system.
Remember Oregano is a HOT oil and is strong.  For pets, use On Guard & Copaiba.

For ear infections: 🥴
I dilute 2 drops of Tea Tree and 2 drops of Lavender and apply it behind my ear, from the top of the Mastoid bone all the way down the throat. This can be done before bed and again in the morning.
Do not use Tea Tree on or around pets

For burns: 🥵
Apply 1 drop of Lavender neat (no dilution necessary) to the burn for relief and healing to prevent scarring.
You can also apply Frankincense after the burn has healed a little to prevent scarring.
Both safe to use on pets!  Dilute for safety.

For aches:  😩
I take 1 Copaiba Softgel and Turmeric Duo daily.
Dilute Copaiba and apply it onto the site to help alleviate pain.

For the stress around all of this: 😰
I make sure to take my Adaptiv Capsule daily, as well as diffusing Adaptiv and applying Adaptiv Touch throughout the day. 
Diffuse Serenity, Lavender & Balance for your pets.

I save by getting the Adaptiv System which contains all 3 products!

These products can help keep you happy & healthy throughout the year, no matter what season!

The love for ourselves is most important.  When our own ‘love tank’ is full, we’re able to give and share love with others.  Make sure to download our Romance Diffuser Blends to increase the love with yourself and your partner(s), humans and animals alike!

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