Do you find yourself working all the time?

Have you ever thought about why that might be?   

Is it to help create a distraction from YOU? 

The person you are, your  life, what’s wrong, bad feelings, negativity…  

So you immerse yourself in your work to foster THAT relationship rather than your own with yourself.

It can be difficult to take a hard, honest look at yourself to see who you are, and see who the person in the mirror REALLY is.  

You try to help everyone else.  Everyone doesn’t want to be fixed, they want to stay distracted, in FEAR of themselves, of who they are.  

Your energy is put into others for nothing, leaving you tired and more easily showing negativity towards yourself.

The truth is, we’re our own worst critic.

If you can relate, What’s Next?   What can you do with this? Are you doomed?

Absolutely NOT!

It is time to get to know yourself and truly LOVE YOU!

What you need is a transition period; time to slow down and sit with yourself.  Becoming aware and working to accept what is there.

Yes, you may be EXTREMELY uncomfortable with yourself and need a distraction from slowing down.  But it’s importantdistractions will not help you address what you’re feeling and what you need to focus on.

This FEAR of facing, or more so NEVER starting again can cause you to lose all momentum.

Now I’m not saying to set hours to sit with yourself.  Take baby steps.  

Start by setting a timer for 3 minutes.  Take the 3 minutes to breathe and just NOTICE what comes up, without any judgements or criticisms.  This can help you get to know your thoughts, feelings and sensations.  

After these 3 minutes, what did you NOTICE?  Again, no judgements or criticisms. This is YOU and you need to be kind and compassionate to YOU!

Practice this every day.  From there, you can increase the time or the number of times a day you use this.

Other ways to increase your knowledge and awareness of who YOU really are is to try a local yoga class, a meditation or energy healing session.

I won’t lie, this WILL be difficult at first.  You may notice big emotions and may even express them through crying or clenching your fists.  

IT IS OKAY!  Whatever you are thinking or feeling is OKAY!  Let it be. Just NOTICE.

You may be wondering, how do I do this?  

I’ve developed a few ways of slowing down and being with myself and my surroundings that I’d like to share with you…

First, I like to set my diffuser in the morning with Balance (Grounding Blend) to help ground me and start my day off strong.  I also like to add other uplifting essential oils (you may want to use calming oils if you do this at night) such as citruses or Elevation (joyful Blend).  Oils that can be helpful in connecting with our emotions are Frankincense, Rose and the Emotional Aromatherapy blends.

Sometimes I may also put one drop of an oil into my palm, rub my hands together, and cup over my nose to inhale for a few breaths.  Wild Orange is my favorite to do this with. As well as utilizing the new Adaptiv System to help combat stress.

Once my diffuser is going strong, then I sit on my meditation cushion and use ‘Insight Timer’ app to either listen to a relevant guided meditation, or set the timer for 3 minutes with a nice background sound.  I sit cross-legged, sitting up tall with my hands resting on my thighs and close my eyes. Then, I just sit. Staying aware of my thoughts, what emotions I’m feeling and whatever sensations my body is feeling.

I am JUST taking inventory.  NOTICING what is going on with me.  There are times that I feel the need to cry and let myself do so.  There are times I notice my brain going down a rabbit hole and work to bring my mind back to my breath.  Focusing on your breath is a good default, even perhaps counting the number of breaths or the length of your breath – breathing in for 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and out for 1, 2, 3, 4, 5.

“You know this longing we all have, this longing is a call back into our hearts, reminding us of the kind compassionate love we may so easily give to others but not ourselves. Loving ourselves starts with acceptance as the launching pad to the healing path and with a bit more acceptance each day, we learn to forgive the past so we can truly live in the present and in line with our hearts.” Moun D’Simone

Our lives are full of transitions.  For this reason, I HIGHLY recommend this book.

Need essential oils of your own?  Check them out here.

Need a diffuser?  Message me and let me know!

Want to learn more about essential oil?  Attend an upcoming class!

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