Bell is SUPER excited about starting fourth grade!  She and her family started learning about and using essential oils at the end of last school year.  Soon after, she got a diffuser necklace and enjoyed putting a drop of Lemon or Wild Orange on it to enjoy the smell throughout the day, and also for its calming effects. She’s able to take a sniff from her necklace to feel relaxed and ready to take on a challenge, any time, any day.  She has also enjoyed putting one drop of these oils in her stainless steel or glass water bottle for the school day to help her detox and add great flavor!

Over the summer, Bell has been using essential oils at camp. She has loved OnGuard for keeping her hands clean & germ-free!  Each day, she’s used Lemon on her diffuser necklace for its enjoyable and energizing smell. While outside at camp, she has used a lot of Bug Spray that she made herself during a Make & Take. This spray helps keep mosquitoes and ticks away so she could enjoy camp to the fullest! For when she does get bit, she uses the combination of Lemon, Lavender & Peppermint to Soothe her irritations.

At night, Bell has been using Lavender to help her fall asleep.  She puts it on the nose of her felted penguin that stays in her bed to use as a diffuser. This helps her have a calm, restful night’s sleep.

For the start of this school year, Bell plans to continue to wear her necklace everyday and put Lemon and Wild Orange on it.  In her backpack, she’ll carry her Bug Spray to keep bugs away at recess. She recently tried the Thinker and Calmer rollers from the Kids’ Collection and  plans to carry those in her backpack to roll them on during the day. Calmer helps when she feels stressed and Thinker is helpful for focusing to do well on quizzes, tests and to help your brain make it through the long school day. She’ll also carry the OnGard Hand Sanitizing Spray in her backpack to keep her hands clean from all the germs that will be going around school. She also plans to fill drams (small vials) in her keychain to keep every oil she may need to smell and have to use. 

Keychain full of sample drams

She’s looking forward to her mom getting her the Kid’s Collection so that she has a great case to carry all of her oils in her backpack to have for every school day!

How are you using essential oils for back to school?

What essential oils are helping you through this transition time?

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