Have you tried this foolproof way to manage your emotions? (hint: it doesn’t involve a visit to the therapist’s office)

My emotions have been ALL over the place!!  I don’t know if it’s because I am a woman, have unstable hormones, am not eating the best at all times or that I’m just crazy!

Have you had similar thoughts when you’re feeling emotional?  

While you may not be able to pin down a reason why you feel what you feel, there is something you can do about it that is all natural, with NO side effects.

Essential Oils.  And Therapy. But we’ll stick with essential oils for today!

Specializing in both of these topics, I see firsthand the benefits people experience from one or both of these.

Using essential oils on your own is as easy as utilizing a resource.  That resource could be the emotions wheel, emotions book, itovi or simply your own sense of smell 👃

My go-to essential oils for emotions are Clary Calm – Women’s Monthly Blend and the 6 Emotional Aromatherapy proprietary blends from doTERRA (Motivate, Cheer, Passion, Forgive, Console, & Peace).

I use Clary Calm on the back of my neck before my period to help balance my hormones and during PMS.  I apply over my low abdomen and back during my period to help with cramps. I diffuse the emotional aromatherapy blends daily to help balance my mood and emotions as a part of my lifestyle.

Using the Emotions Wheel can help identify which blend is best for you in the moment to address how you are feeling. To use it, identify how you are feeling on the wheel by picking an emotion on the inner part of the wheel. Using the corresponding blend, use it topically or aromatically to address the emotions you’re feeling.

Emotions Wheel

The amazing Emotional Aromatherapy eBook will help walk you through using essential oils for yourself.

Emotional Benefits of Aromatherapy eBook

For more information on managing your Reproductive System, read more here.

Need help choosing the a blend, consult the ‘Wheel’

Try our Happiness Blend!

Learn more about essential oils and emotional health from Doctors themselves here.

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