I love walking into a room and being greeted with a light, natural fragrance that fills my nostrils and immediately makes me feel elated.  I’ve become sensitive to chemical smells and no longer like the store-bought, plug-in fragrances. A couple years ago, this presented a dilemma…How do I fill my home with pleasant smells without it causing side effects such as headaches or being stuck with an unpleasant smell?

When I first learned about diffusers, my initial response was, “I NEED one of those!”  I began hearing more and more about using essential oils ‘aromatically’ and wasn’t quite sure what that meant.  “Aromatically” means “of, relating to, or having a smell”. Diffuser help put essential oils into the air to allow you to smell them, but also receive the therapeutic benefits of the essential oils.

BreezyHow do diffusers work?

The magic behind every cool-air diffuser is a pizeo chip.  This chip converts one form of energy into another. It vibrates at 1.7 million times per second (!!!!) to cause an ultrasonic vibration that breaks the water and essential oils into tiny microparticles.  These microparticles form the mist that comes out of the diffuser which gets blown out by a small fan located inside the diffuser. They are nearly silent. These fine particles can stay suspended in the air for hours!  Think of the work they can do! They then can be easily absorbed into the lungs for greater therapeutic effects.

What do you put in diffusers?

You’ll want to fill your diffuser just below the Max water line.  FTER you have added water, then you can add essential oils.  The rule of thumb is 5-7 drops per 100ml so you may have to do some math.  Due to the difference in potency between oils, you may want to add more or less.

How do I keep it clean?

I recommend cleaning your diffuser after every use, at least wiping them out with a cloth to remove residue that may still be in your diffuser from last use.  You will especially want to do this when switching your blends from uplifting daytime to relaxing nighttime to avoid reverse effects! You’ll want to be very careful with the disk and clean it gently & often with a soft cloth or Q-tip dipped in rubbing alcohol.  REMEMBER: it is connected to power so be sure to disconnect the unit when there’s a possibility of getting wet.

Dew DropEssential Oil Introductory Starter Kit is a great way to start diffusing.  When you purchase both a diffuser & Starter Kit, take $10 off!  Diffusers range from $35-60.

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