I used to dread February & Valentine’s Day…the stress over if I had a Valentine or not and how I was going to spend the one day that gets built up for 2 weeks.  I felt constantly bombarded with the word ‘Love’ and all that it stands for.

This all shifted when I realized that I did not have to focus on love for that one, specific day, but that I can focus on it every day.  And that this love did not focus around my Valentine, but myself. That love for myself is a priority. I found ways to show myself love each and every day <3

What does the word ‘Love’ mean to you?

The 5 Love Languages by Gary Smalley helps us better understand how we feel love from others as well as how we show love to others.  The 5 Love Languages are Words of Affirmation, Quality Time, Receiving Gifts, Acts of Service & Physical Touch. I’m spending a day talking about each of them on Facebook, and I invite you to come and join me!

When you know your love language, or languages (because many people have more than one!) you can better understand the ways in which you show love and more importantly, how you  want to be loved.

Think about the concept that each of us has a “Love Tank”, just like a gas tank.  When we receive love via our love language, our tank fills up. Think of a time when you felt loved…this is how it feels to have your Love Tank full.  When you know your love language, it is then easier to communicate to others what you need to feel loved and you can also show this love to yourself to keep your Love Tank filled.

I show myself love by making time for me.  Whether that be to grab a cup of coffee with a friend or do yoga and meditate, that is how I show love to myself and fill up my own Love Tank.  When I realize that my Love Tank is running low, I need to prioritize time with myself. Can you guess what my love language is? …Quality Time.  I feel loved by others and myself, when we spend quality time together.

Essential oils tie into your love languages because they can help with emotions.  This book provides guidance on how to use essential oils to address emotions to improve your mood and overall emotional wellness.  I like to set up my diffuser with comforting blends (Check out these blends from February’s Newsletter) to fill the space with love.  

I love using the Emotional Aromatherapy blends to address emotions.  Forgive – the Renewing Blend, is a combination of herbs and trees that helps promote the liberating feelings of contentment, relief, and patience.  It overall helps decrease your negative emotions and increase positive emotions.  To use this oil:

  • Rub over your heart to help you forgive yourself and others.
  • To help you forgive and forget, rub into your temples.

As a therapist, I love talking about emotions and helping people learn more about their own emotions.  I would love the opportunity to talk with you about expanding and increasing your positive emotions through the use of essential oils!

This can be done 1:1 or perhaps you’d prefer to invite a group of friends over to enjoy each other’s company, share the love and essential oils!  Essential Emotions classes are a great way to learn more about using essential oils for emotions to grow love <3  

Whether it be with others or on your own, it is important to keep your Love Tank full!


How do you keep your Love Tank full?

What is your love language?  Don’t know? Check out this post to find out!

What essential oils do you use to help with emotions?  Try Forgive!

Get started with the Emotional Aromatherapy kit to increase your love!

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