The concept of life being ‘Trial & Error’ applies to so many areas…interests, coping skills, relationships, hobbies, cooking, you name it!

It’s easy to get down on ourselves when we ‘trial’ and get ‘errors’.  It’s easy to shift into a negative mindset and it can be hard to shift back.  The power of positive thinking can help you work towards and achieve our goals.  It also helps you feel better about yourself and increase confidence. Looking at the error as ‘a learning experience’ can help you to be grateful for what you went though and move forward with newfound knowledge.  It can instead be called ‘Try & Learn’.

A lot of incorporating essential oils into your daily lifestyle is ‘Try & Learn’.  How do you think I came up with the blends & products I make and use? Do you think I whipped something together and it was perfect?  I WISH!!!

A lot of my products started out by trying out essential oils & mixing them together to create blends.  If I didn’t like them, or if the products didn’t provide the results I was aiming for, I would make a choice: either deal with it and use it up, or I might pour it down the drain and call it a loss & learning lesson.  Through all of my ‘Try & Learn’ experiences, I was able to create one of my best selling products, Happiness.  This blend not only smells amazing, but it provides uplifting benefits to your mood and energy.  Trying out different combinations allowed me to find this ideal combination and ratio to uplift your day and start each day off right.

At some point, you’re bound to find something that you like and works.  It may just require you to practice patience along the way until the finish line.


What areas of your life does ‘Trial & Error’ or ‘Try & Learn’ apply to?




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