The holidays are looking a bit different for me this year.  I seized an opportunity to be away for TWO WHOLE WEEKS! I have NEVER taken two full weeks off, EVER.  It is hard to describe the positive, elated emotions I am feeling around this self-care experience.

I am also a little scared to take two full weeks off.  A lot of doubts come up around taking time off: Is it selfish to take time for me? What will my clients do without me? Can I afford it?  Will it be crazy when I return? Can my business continue without me? Who’s going to post social media or answer emails?

My stress has definitely increased as I prepare for this time off, but I am doing it!  Each morning I fire up my favorite essential oils in the diffuser to help ease my worries and make sure to take my LifeLong Vitality Supplements.  My favorite oils to diffuse for uplifting energy are Citrus Bliss, Wild Orange, Balance, Douglas Fir and Elevation. I have surrounded myself with cheerleaders and taken the advice of people I know and admire that ROCK at this whole taking time off from your business thing. By getting things in order for my business, this has allowed me to feel the positive emotions and excitement which greatly outweigh the worries! I am now confident I can do this!

I encourage you to carve out some time for yourself this holiday season. Word of my time off has been met with awe and happiness.  I think in our hearts, we all know that time off is important, but in our heads we worry the world will fall apart without us. I encourage you to gather your cheerleaders (and Essential Oils!), knock out the to do list and take time for yourself this season, even if it’s just a day or two. If I can do it, I am confident you can too! And what better way to start the new year than relaxed and refreshed!

I can’t wait to share my travels and learnings when I return in the New Year! I would love to hear from you too; Are you taking some time off this holiday? How will you be spending your time? What essential oils will you make sure to bring with you?


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