How aware are you of the words you use?

I have spoken with each and every one of my clients this month to help bring awareness to their ‘should statements’.  I call attention to when they use the word ‘should’, what surrounds this word and the feelings it evokes. We then reframe the statement to replace the word ‘should’ with something more appropriate.

Think about your last ‘should statement’.  It may have sounded something like this…“I should take out the trash”, “He should not be say that”, “We should go on a vacation”, “I should be doing that”, “I should feel happy”.  

By using ‘should’, you’re setting an expectation that is unable to be met.  In turn you may feel sad, depressed, unworthy or other negative emotions. The word ‘should’ holds expectations and when we use it, it sets expectations of ourselves that we are unable to achieve.

When you replace the word ‘should’ with a positive action word like ‘will’, ‘can’, ‘am’, ‘going to’, you may feel very differently about what you say or think.  Chances are you will feel more positive, motivated and confident in yourself and your abilities. You are much more likely to make it happen.

Go ahead, try it!

Essential oils can help support emotions and strong feelings.  When you feel the pressure from too many ‘should’s, you can use essential oils to support these emotions.  Whether you’re upset, needing comfort, wanting to maintain your motivation or even spark creativity, there are essential oil blends geared towards these emotional needs.  Learn more about Emotional Aromatherapy blends here.  This book is a great resource to learn more about using essentials to directly address emotional needs.

Learn more about using Essential Oils here.

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