Presence is balance on the spectrum of past and future living.  It is easy to lean towards one end of this spectrum. You may feel stuck thinking about the past and reliving those experiences and emotions.  Or you may focus on the future; what is going to happen tomorrow, next week, next year, in 5 years, etc. When we work to stay in the present moment, our awareness increases and we can have more control over our emotions.  We then have the ability to make conscious choices about the many aspects of our day and lives, resulting in changes in the future.

By being present we can limit expectations of ourselves and ease the inner critic.  We can also reframe our negative thinking to train our subconscious to be positive, therefore feeling positive.  

Where is your mind in this moment?  

Is it lost in your thoughts?  

Is it focused on your breath?  

Is it stuck in the past or future?

We can notice where our mind is and gently steer it back to the present moment.

When we work in the present moment, this is where healing can happen.  We turn our awareness and breath to the area that needs it most, bringing energy to that area.  This can be done in meditation, during your self-care time or even during a busy day. By checking in with ourselves to see how and what we’re feeling and thinking, we are being present.

I like to stay present by checking in with myself often.  Checking in can be done just be aware of how I’m feeling, what I’m feeling, what I need or any other question I may want to ask myself.  Daily meditations also help me to remember to stay present. Throughout the day I also like to draw attention to my breath. Am I breathing?  Is my breathing shallow or getting caught by emotions? I check in with my breath to see if I am in need of a deep belly breath to help relieve any unwanted emotions.  I also like to stay present by using essential oils.

Essential oils can help us be present by returning us to the present through our senses.  Putting a drop of Wild Orange in our hands, rubbing them together and cupping them over our face, inhaling the sweet aroma, brings us to the present moment.  When tasting a drop of Grapefruit in your glass of water, you are immediately made aware of the flavor in your mouth, drawing your attention there.

Through staying present, the body and mind are able to calm and soothe itself to heal.

Some of my favorite essential oils for being present include Balance (Grounding Blend), Wild Orange, Cedarwood and Bergamot. 

Learn more about the powers of essential oils here.

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