As the end of summer approaches and back-to-school starts, stress levels can start to creep back up.  We may no longer have the beach or fun outdoor activities to fall back on. We also know that back to school mean lots of germs! So what can we do to take care of ourselves when the stress increases and germs are all around?!?

Heightened states of stress causes a few things to happen in our bodies:

  • Increased release of our stress hormone, Cortisol.  
    • This hormone is only meant to be released for short periods of time during a fight or flight response.
  • A very important protein (Immunoglobulin A – IgA) goes down.
    • This protein helps ‘healthy immune function and the internal defense system’(Dispenza, 2017, p. 42).  
    • This lowered protein makes us susceptible to sickness.
  • Our bodies believe they are stuck in this stressful environment.  

Dr. Dispenza studied this IgA protein and wondered if our mood could increase our immune system.  

His study showed that if you can elevate your mood, even just for a few days, your body starts to believe it’s in a new environment and can increase this protein up to 50% and decrease Cortisol by 16%!!

Maintaining a low to null stress level is part of preventing illness!  We can do this in so many ways. One that I’ve found myself talking with clients about a lot is mindfulness.  

meditation as prevemtion

I have gotten into the habit of meditating every morning and the impact I see that it has made on my life is invaluable.  If I don’t meditate, I feel irritable, moody and do not have very good days overall. When I do meditate, I have a sense of calm, lower stress and feel that I can better manage whatever the universe throws my way.

Another great way to lower stress is self-care.  Making time for yourself to do the things you enjoy and make you feel good.  It could be small things like showering or eating. It could also include crafting, cooking or being in the outdoors. It doesn’t have to be done on your own either! Have game night with your family so that you’re full of love & laughs!

Another way to help prevent illness, is using essential oils.  You can use essential oils to manage your stress. Use lavender for calming, Wild Orange for anxiety, Rosemary for focus, Cedarwood for grounding and so many more!  (See my last blog for how you can use these oils.) 

In my opinion, the best oil for preventing sickness is On Guard, the Protective Blend.  It helps kills germs and boost our immune systems. There is a wide variety of On Guard products.  I use the Foaming Hand Wash in the kitchen and bathroom and the Concentrate to clean my surfaces.  Starting around this time, I start putting one drop of On Guard oil on the bottoms of my feet.  I also carry my Immunity rollerball with me during travel.


How do you help keep you & your family healthy?

Which is your favorite On Guard product?

Do you have a self-care routine?


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