I love talking about essential oils!  Often when I’m in a conversation with someone about them, I get asked how to use them.   I hear, I know they smell good, but what do you DO with them?  There are 3 easy ways that you can use essential oils every day!


The first is Aromatically: If you’ve ever smelled an essential oil, you’ve done this!  You can smell it right out of the bottle or put a drop in your hands, rub gently, cup over your nose & mouth and inhale! 

I love using diffusers!  They are the easiest and safest way to use essential oils.  All essential oils can be put into the diffuser; add a couple drops of oils, fill with water & you’re good to go!  You can also use inhalers to receive the therapeutic benefits!

I have a diffuser in every room of my house.  In the living room, uplifting & energizing are used in the morning and more calming & relaxing at night.  In the bedroom, I diffuse restful oils or sometimes passionate, inspiring oils 😉  I have a diffuser in my car & in my office.  It’s fun to make blends in your diffuser to try out. Right now, some of my favorites include Grapefruit or Lime paired with a calming blend like Lavender or ‘Balance’.  Diffusers are also great to use to relax pets or purifying the air!


The second way you can use essential oils is Topically.  Have you ever touched an oil to your skin? Then you’ve used oils this way!  This is a great way to use them for anything on your skin, or underneath the skin such as bites, burns, wrinkles, fungus, infections or even just plain ol’ itching.  A friend go a bad friction burn that would have bubbled & popped. We put a drop of Lavender on the burn that day and before bed. The following day, the bubble was gone and just a red mark was left! You can easily use roller balls on your skin.

*When putting oils on your skin, you want to make sure you are diluting (adding a carrier oil [coconut, almond, olive, castor] to the essential oil) if you have sensitivity or if you are using ‘HOT’ oils like Cinnamon, Oregano, Clove, & Ginger to name a few.  Adding a carrier oil also lets the essential oil stay within the skin layers longer to do its work.  Since essential oils absorb into your bloodstream within 30 seconds, you may want it to linger longer in your skin, especially if you’re trying to address wrinkles! 


And lastly, Internally:  I recommend this ONLY be done with Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade oils due to the purity and trusted research to know that they oils are 100% pure.  There is still a safety aspect of knowing what oils CAN be ingested and which should still be DILUTED.

There are a couple different ways you can use oils internally.  You can put one drop under your tongue; I like to use Frankincense & Copaiba each morning and ‘DigestZen’ after a big meal or when I have an upset stomach.  You can put a drop into your water;I like to add Citrus oils to seltzer in the summer for the flavor and benefits! I also use one drop of Melaleuca (Tea Tree), Lemon & On Guard in a couple ounces of water to gargle and then swallow when I have a sore throat.  You can also add oils to a veggie capsule to ingest. This is a great way to use hot oils like Oregano internally by also adding some coconut oil to the capsule as well.

Make sure to check out the eBook below for more information, safety & research before using them internally.


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Now that you know about the 3 ways you can use essential oils, which do you use or think you’ll use most?

What are your favorite diffuser blends?

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How would us use essential oils topically?

What would you use essential oils for internally?

Check out these eBooks for more info on using essential oils Aromatically, Topically & Internally.



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