What any honor it was to teach my workshop, Art Therapy & Essential Oils: Expanding the Senses last weekend.  Huge thanks to all who attended the Self-Compassion Symposium!

In the workshop we discussed the power of essential oils and how they can help manage emotions.  We created art while incorporating essential oils into paint and play-doh.  I am so honored to have shared this information and had fun doing it!

For those of you who missed this 3 hour workshop, we smelled each color of paint, containing a different essential oil to recall a memory evoked by the smells.  Later we added essential oils to play-doh to created ‘Aromatherapy Play-doh’. The play-doh was used as sensory input and depending on what oil was added, to also help calm down or uplift.  I encouraged participants to create a sculpture with the play-doh at home to represent another memory evoked by the smell.

We also discussed the Emotional Aromatherapy set of essential oils and how they target our emotions to decrease negative or increase positive emotions.


Want to make your own play-doh?

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